Tyre change ends in death on eMondlo road

Taxi driver 1
Tragedy struck on the eMondlo Road at 6:25 this morning when the driver of a taxi was hit by a bus while changing a tyre on his vehicle.
Taxi Driver 2

The scene of the fateful event which claimed the life of a taxi driver on the eMondlo road this morning. Photo by KwaZulu Private Ambulance.

According to a report by KwaZulu Private Ambulance, who responded to the accident, it is alleged that the bus was passing by and had managed to avoid the stationary vehicle until a light motor vehicle overtook it.
Taxi Driver 3

The lifeless body of the deceased taxi driver can be seen in front of the taxi. Photo by KwaZulu Private Ambulance.

In a most unfortunate case of bad timing, the taxi driver emerged from under the taxi at the precise moment that the bus was forced to veer back into its lane to avoid colliding with the overtaking vehicle.
The bus collided with the taxi driver who was killed instantly.
In a separate incident a person died after after a taxi fell down an embankment on the R34 on Christmas Eve.

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