Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch – Donate by debit order

The Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch office at 147 President Street.

VRYHEID Neighbourhood Watch members work hard to keep crime off the streets of Vryheid.

Their service to the community is entirely voluntary, however and the organisation survives solely on donations from the public to stay afloat.

Aside from their dedication to curbing criminal activity, Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch also assists families in need with food and clothing, another initiative that relies completely on the support of the community.

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In an effort to increase public support and make donating to Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch easier and even more convenient, the organisation has implemented a debit order system whereby loyal supporters and other community members can now make a difference by making a monthly donation with minimal effort.

It’s as easy as contacting Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch on 087 808 4069 to find out how you can switch to the convenience of a debit order donation.

Please note that due to bank charges, a minimum fee will be payable to utilise the debit order system.

Elaine Rodway

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