Vryheid community walks for Jesus

The day came to an end by letting 500 helium filled balloons into the air and singing No Longer a Slave of Fear, but a Child of God.

Here’s a preview of what’s cooking in the #Bridge6 studio

According to frontman of Bridge6, George Fritze, Terrors is still under construction, as it were. However, if this sample is anything to go by, patient fans will be in for a mind-blowing aural indulgence when the completed track is released.

Cycle CC tour touches down in the Cape

Their journey has taken them 3700km, more than halfway, to their 6000km target so far and they recently reached the Cape.

Unity dancers excel at Eisteddfod

“Unity Dance Studio, parents and dancers had the privilege to compete in the Harrismith Eisteddfod 2017. Our dancers really enjoyed being part of this opportunity.”

Way to go, Nono!

Nono Buthelezi is heading to London to work as a Chartered Accountant.

Mr KZN 2017 is a Vryheider

Despite having not originally set out to become a model, the model lifestyle seems to have certainly chosen him.

Step into the shoes of the disabled

At Vryheid Junction’s Spring Market Day on September 9, Mr Delport will sensitise able-bodied residents to the challenges faced by the disabled in a fun and interactive way.