Klipfontein Dam issues to come under scrutiny

Anglers and fishermen who have a vested interest in the upkeep and maintenance of this once-popular tourist destination are urged to attend Wednesday’s meeting.

Attempted overtake leads to collision

Witnesses at the scene reported that the driver of the vehicle attempted to overtake the truck on a semi barrier line as it was turning, resulting in a collision with the side of the truck.

That’s not how you ‘ask for a lift’

It was reported that four unidentified males had attempted to stop a passing truck at the entrance to Grootgewacht Dam, by throwing stones at the truck as it approached.

Mascor celebrates 50 years in style

Mascor celebrated its 50th birthday in style last week, inviting their clients and business partners to a classy cocktail party.

Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch – Donate by debit order

Aside from their dedication to curbing criminal activity, Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch also assists families in need with food and clothing, another initiative that relies completely on the support of the community.

Why am I paying this much?

We know you have questions about your municipal bill. We found the answers in a candid round table discussion with AbaQulusi mayor, Jerry Sibiya, and his finance team.