That’s not how you ‘ask for a lift’

It was reported that four unidentified males had attempted to stop a passing truck at the entrance to Grootgewacht Dam, by throwing stones at the truck as it approached.

Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch – Donate by debit order

Aside from their dedication to curbing criminal activity, Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch also assists families in need with food and clothing, another initiative that relies completely on the support of the community.

Support grows for NHW ‘Foot Patrollers’

Since our last report, support for the foot patrollers has grown and so has the crew, with an additional two members joining in the foot patrols.

‘Until the well runs dry…’ – Water meter theft continues in Vryheid

While drought is a natural calamity and it initially brought on the fragile water situation in Vryheid, there are far more sinister forces at play now threatening to send our natural resources back on the downward spiral that resulted in an entire community being left without running water for more than a year.

Mandrax bust in Hlobane

Hlobane SAPS and Vryheid SAPS discovered the makeshift mandrax ‘kitchen’ approximately 20 metres from a Hlobane homestead.

Burglar gets more than he bargained for

Members of Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch responded to a call for assistance after a house in Uitlander Street was targeted by a daylight robber.

Human trafficking red flags

Knowing indicators of human trafficking and some follow up questions will help you act on your gut feeling that something is wrong and report it.