GALLERY: Before it hits the fan

SEWAGE spilled into the river near Besterspruit sewerage pump for quite some time last week.

On Wednesday, we received a report from a concerned citizen who claims to have reported the matter of the raw sewage, which was flowing freely into the river, to the municipality, but to no avail. According to said citizen, on one occasion, when mentioning the matter to someone at the municipality in passing, he was informed that it was not that person’s field of expertise and therefore not his problem.

Upon our arrival at the site of the offending sewerage pump, we discovered that it was in fact being attended to by technicians from outside of Vryheid. According to the technicians, the pump which was in use at the time was not the correct size and was therefore causing the unit to trip regularly, hence the overflow, which was running into the river. At the time they were replacing the pump with one of the correct size.

Meanwhile, on the corner of South and Mason Streets…

A layer of dried sewage encrusts the grass in this area, a disturbing reminder of the apparent indifference of those responsible for its maintenance, while only a few metres away, yet more sewage flows freely from the manhole in the middle of the park, turning it into a somewhat sickening swampland, complete with birdlife, perhaps oblivious to the quagmire beneath their feet.

Elaine Rodway

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