Living in fear – A CBD under seige

F3 Supermarket in Church Street, where a young man was murdered on Sunday, shot at close range by gun wielding thugs.

THE recent spate of armed robberies in the Vryheid Plaza area has shaken the business community, following the horrific murder of a young man on Sunday.

An otherwise normal Sunday morning at F3 Supermarket in Church Street was disrupted when a gang of armed robbers made their way into the store at approximately 9:30am, taking staff and customers hostage at gunpoint.

It is believed that the victim, Mack Liu, who was seated near the back of the store when the robbers entered, attempted to escape by making a run for the back door. The door was unfortunately locked at the time and Mr Liu was subsequently shot and killed.

The other staff, as well as the patrons of the store, were restrained, their hands bound with cable ties and one woman was viciously assaulted during the robbery. The entire incident played out in just five minutes, according to one of the staff members who endured the traumatic ordeal.

In those five minutes however, a young man’s life was taken by a merciless gang of criminals.

A visit to the area revealed that a number of businesses had been targeted by armed robbers in the past few weeks. Read a full account of the terror these businesses endured in the Vryheid Herald tomorrow morning.

Elaine Rodway

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