Mayor accuses newspaper of sensationalism

SME Mtshali writes:

I am taking this opportunity as a person maligned by your newspaper with all sorts of direct scathing attacks on my persona in an effort to humiliate me or cover me with a dark cloud thereby creating hype that I am a bad person.

I am aware that this is a well orchestrated effort by you and your cronies to have a sting at me as a person. In some articles you have attested to this and in some you have tried to be on the fence. I have faithfully raised this with you in good faith and even shown you where I personally feel you have overstepped your journalistic ethics.

1. You have from day one black-painted my party, the IFP as being beneficiaries of the R440 000 for electioneering purposes, which is not true. To that I take offence.

2. You have taken a position and entered into being a media jury without trying to dig and have your facts correct prior to going to press. You have also attested to the fact that your cronies are the ones providing you with information. Merely because they form the government of the day you believe in every vendetta they bring to you. I am aware of this collusion.

3. The IFP through the time spent with its Constituency Publicity Secretary and an effort he made to give you the IFP’s perspective, you have chosen to publish not more than 5 sentences of your engagement. It therefore becomes succinctly clear who in actual fact you are serving.

4. I have personally told you that this matter is a sub judice and you are trying what you are not, to be wise with a thought that through the back door you and your cronies you will get what you don’t have. I strongly urge you to let the law take its course. In South Africa, no one is guilty until such time as the Court of Law proves one guilty and Law processes have been exhausted. This is the scenario from the top echelons of the country and not even once have we seen in your publication attacks. You are transparent, only a moron cannot see what your motives are.

5. There are 4 playfields

a. Mtshali the person

b. Mtshali the former principal

c. Mtshali the mayor

d. Mtshali the IFP member

6. Wisdom teaches me that these are not intertwined though they may be interrelated. 7. With these few words, please desist from trying to play dirty politics with the hope you will be better profiled.

Cllr Martin Mtshali

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