‘Constant noise’ means no rest for patient

Maude Potgieter Bester writes: “A dear friend of mine was attacked and stabbed in Vryheid last week. He was rushed to Vryheid Hospital where I phoned him, on Saturday 21 January 2017. What frustration!

“I could hardly hear him for the hospital staff shouting and laughing in the background! The patient said he couldn’t rest or sleep because the staff speak at the top of their voices, sit around a table in the ward chatting and it just never is quiet around him.

“In the first place, this patient, who is in his seventies, had to cope with shock, trauma, pain and now with constant noise! What does the Matron or Superintendent teach the hospital staff?

“I have been in two Provincial Hospitals in the Cape Province. These hospitals are professionally run and managed. The doctors and staff all converse in low voices. I am certain the excellent services we enjoy at these hospitals are due to the fact that the DA rules.”

Issued by a concerned resident

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