Residents revel in Friday’s delightful downpour

LAST Friday the heavens opened over Vryheid and the parched landscape was treated to a magnificent downpour.

Some parts of Vryheid received well over 40mm of rain in the glorious cloudburst that transformed roads into rivers and flooded several streets as well as causing Blood River to overflow.

“It was really lovely,” stated AfriForum’s Andrè van der Walt, when asked for comment regarding the much-needed rainfall. “Unfortunately the rainfall was rather ‘patchy,'” he added.

“Over 40mm in some places, only 17mm at my place and even less at Grootgewacht Dam and Bloemveld Dam. The good news is that the water is flowing strongly into Grootgewacht and Bloemveld. We do, however, suspect that the pipeline from Grootgewacht to the Bloemveld Water Treatment Plant is leaking once again into Hellberg’s dam. It will be discussed at Friday’s JOC meeting as we have certain suggestions to make…”

Klipfontein Dam, from a distance, appears to be filling up rather nicely after the rains, with Friday’s rainfall lifting the level from 27 percent to 28,66 percent, but it will, in all likelihood, still be a long while before Vryheid residents will be able to open their taps and see running water, unless they have been able to afford the necessary requirements to have tanks, pumps and boreholes installed at their homes and businesses.

Readers and residents submitted many videos and photos of Friday’s showers.

Photos submitted by Annelize Nel, who reported 45mm of rain in the Mason Street area on Friday, Liza-Marie Brits and Heleen Lewis.

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Elaine Rodway

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