Water shortage at Uqweqwe Village is uncalled for

Concerned resident writes:

ON January 7, a group of boys, girls and women, which form about two tenths of Uqweqwe, mobilised and cut off the main pipe (inlet) that supplies water to the tank which supplies the residents of Uqweqwe. They also vandalised the power system. The ward 14 councillor, ward committee members were at the scene to witness such vandalism. Later, a local Induna was called too. As a result, all the residents of Uqweqwe could not get water, including a primary school and a high school. The reason for this was that a section of kraals in the proximity of the pumps were getting water even though there was a shortage. It is alleged that their (inlet) pipes were connected wrongly, but not deliberately.

Wrongly connected pipes were discovered in the year 2006. The pipes were disconnected some time later and the people could not get water. This was reported to Zululand Water Affairs. Nothing was done to fix the problem. The disadvantaged residents felt they were being sabotaged. For this reason they reconnected. Mind you, the hand pump closest to them (the old, sick, and handicapped people) is 3km away. Fortunately, there was plenty rain after the re-connection and all people had water. There were no complaints.

Those who vandalised the water system have three boreholes around them and have plenty water. There was a scarcity of water again in 2012. We contacted Water Affairs. They came to investigate and cried foul about illegal connections and, later, through a thorough investigation, found that there is a pipe missing in the system. It is where the residents allegedly wrongfully/illegally connected. The former councillor and ‘Zululand’ promised to fix the mess. This mess was done by Aquamanzi who carried out the water scheme in 2002-2003. It is also Aquamanzi who recommended two local boys to do the connection for the residents who need water inside their homes since water was on the streets.

Another missing point: Again in 2012 ‘Zululand’ sent workers to disconnect but the residents refused with no threats. The missing pipe was brought in and not enough man power or machinery was brought to show intention of disconnection and reconnection in the correct pipe. Since January 17, they are working on this matter. Up till today, Uqweqwe has no water except tankers that come once in a blue moon.

As far as we are concerned, this is the incapacity and unruliest manner in which innocent residents are treated.

Dear concerned resident:

Please note that your concerns were forwarded to the Zululand District Municipality for comment and consideration. Sadly, no response was available at the time of print, but I will ensure that a journalist pursues this matter with the correct channels. Thank you for sharing this information with us.


The Editor

Issued by a concerned resident

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