BREAKING NEWS: Dumpsite dam claims the life of a child

    THE lifeless body of a young child, believed to be between 6 and 8-years-old, has been recovered from a mass of water near the dumpsite.

    It is believed that three children from the Sasko area were playing in the water, when one of the children started to drown.

    The other children allegedly fled the scene when this happened.

    A resident of the dumpsite retrieved the body of the young boy from the dam, but there was, sadly, nothing that could be done to save him.

    JVS Towing’s Chris Marais was one of the locals who responded to the tragic scene at the dumpsite.

    “The dams are not surrounded by fencing,” he stated solemnly. “It’s hot and the children probably wanted to cool off. There’s no safety – nothing in place there…”

    Ward 8 Councillor, Magda Viktor, heartbroken by the unfortunate incident, urges parents and guardians of young children to keep their children safe, especially in areas that have large bodies of water.

    “It is so important that children learn how to swim,” stressed Magda Viktor. “Parents and guardians should never allow their children to swim unattended. This is a terrible tragedy…”

    Local police responded and were at the scene, assisted by members of Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch and Magda Viktor, who is believed to have orchestrated the rescue attempt.

    At the time of publication, the identity of the child and his parents remains unknown.

    Elaine Rodway

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