Race card trumps logic

Alex Wood writes, “With reference to the front page headlines of ‘Alta’mate plan….in the March 31 Vryheid Herald and the ‘Plan Trashed’ article in the Vryheid Herald’s April 28 edition, I feel it important to say the following: The scrapping of this sensible common sense water distribution plan initiated by Alta is due to the results of persons instigating racial division to the gullible residents of Vryheid, for political gain.

This has the potential to enhance the negative racist reactions in our Vryheid society which, at the end of the day, certainly, no Christian believer wants to happen. This change of Alta’s plan by the municipality and bowing down to supply water to the furthest away residents from the water source has lost additional tens of thousands of litres of water due to leaks and broken pipes. But so be it, this is now Vryheid water history in the making.

As we read, Alta submitted the one and only plan to the Municipality to start using the available water to our town effectively and so try to alleviate almost a year of having no water supplied.


Plan to restore water deemed racist

Can you imagine, Alta had 147 complaints of water leakages over the past weekend when the plan proposed was much more sensible to reduce the loss of water. Under these conditions, try and put yourselves into her shoes!

Thank you, Alta. You are the only ‘Brave Star’ to submit a feasible plan for water distribution to the municipality, and a woman on top of it! Well done, my girl! We say thank you and pray that God will give you the strength and tolerance required to continue serving in our municipality. We also thank those who helped you in blocking all the leaks. The town needs dedicated and loving servants like you with the enthusiasm and knowledge and conviction to serve us as your Vryheid community.

With love and gratitude for your service to the Vryheid community.”


Vusi’s take on the #SpurIncident that ‘broke the internet’

Alex Wood

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