Lions stalwart succumbs to brief illness

Neville Cedric Seegers March 22, 1948 - May 14, 2017

NEVILLE Seegers was the kind of person that others could depend on. He was the man behind the scenes, always planning, leading, lending a hand, getting things done, caring for others, and helping to ease the plight of the vulnerable and the less fortunate.

As steadfast members of the Lions Club for nearly 30 years, Neville and his wife, Jenny (Jenny passed away on June 1) moulded their sons into men who are driven to make a difference in the lives of others.


Farewell, Jenny Seegers, and rest in peace

From Neville, Warren (Neville’s son) learned, “There’s always somebody who must do the things that need to be done, even if the task is unpleasant.”

Neville’s younger son, Ashley, learned, “Other people matter and there is always someone who is worse off than you.”

Neville, himself, would learn one of life’s most painful lessons during the last two months of his life due to a brief but debilitating illness… the frustration, sadness and the humility that comes with being vulnerable and having to depend on others.


Vryheid Lions Club mourns the death of its President

Fortunately, he had the love of a close-knit family to depend on and help him through it, and the support of a community that will always be grateful for his selfless charity work. When it was his time to go, he went in peace, saying, “I am going home.”

He slipped away quietly on May 14 at the age of 69.

Neville was born in Durban. He grew up in Ladysmith, and moved to Vryheid in 1984 as the senior technician for the signal department at Transnet. He had worked for Transnet for 42 years before going on pension.

Two years after moving to Vryheid, Neville joined the Vryheid Lions Club and had served as president of the club twice in the 30 years he was involved. As president of the Lions, Neville was instrumental in building one of the first pre-primary schools in Bhekuzulu.

“The Mayfair, which was once known as the Tradefair, and the Miss Mayfair were a big part of his life. He has done countless things for the community over the years. It was a very social way of growing up. We were always a part of some charity fundraiser or another. There was never a weekend when my family wasn’t doing something to support charity,” said Ashley.

“He was also the person who was always behind the camera. Over the years, he took thousands of photos documenting the history of the Vryheid Lions Club through his camera lens.”

Ashley and Warren agree that the non-profit organisation closest to their father’s heart was undoubtedly the SPCA. They urge friends and family who wish to pay their respects to make a donation to the SPCA, instead of buying flowers.

“My father had six dogs of his own and they would all follow him around, like a duck-train,” recalls Ashley.

A memorial will be held for Neville at the Assemblies of God this Friday at 2pm.

Neville is survived by two brothers, a sister, two sons, and three grandchildren.

Estella Naicker

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