Vryheid Business Chamber – ‘We can’t fight alone’

The driving force behind Vryheid Business Chamber in recent times, Leon Prinsloo, Chris Venter and Thulasizwe Buthelezi.

IT was the late Steve Jobs, arguably a legend in the world of business, who said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Leon Prinsloo addresses those in attendance regarding current and pending arrangements with AbaQulusi Municipality and Vryheid Business Chamber.

Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in 2011, but this profound statement lives on and certainly rings true when it comes to the economic landscape as well as the future of business in Vryheid.

Vryheid Business Chamber Chairman, Leon Prinsloo, addressed business owners and relevant parties who attended Monday night’s meeting at Klet’s Cafè regarding the very same sentiment.

Local businessman, Siyonqoba Sibiya, with Ward 8 and 9 councillors, Magda Viktor and Alta de Kock.

“Everyone is important,” affirmed Prinsloo as he opened the meeting, which was called urgently following the recent release of the AbaQulusi Municipality Draft Budget, which was described by Prinsloo as unacceptable and having “no detail.”

After discussing several community projects that have been implemented by the current Business Chamber, Prinsloo went on to urge the business sector of AbaQulusi to get involved and become a part of Vryheid Business Chamber.

“Interaction is taking place at the moment,” he said. “But we have to work together.”

Thulasizwe Buthelezi, who has been working closely with Prinsloo in the last few months, described Vryheid as “the financial centre” of Zululand and spoke passionately about their goal to “restore Vryheid to its former glory” and urging the business sector to take the lead in this initiative.

The driving force behind Vryheid Business Chamber in recent times, Leon Prinsloo, Chris Venter and Thulasizwe Buthelezi.

“If we allow things to continue,” he stated, in reference to the failing infrastructure of AbaQulusi, “we will bear the brunt…”.

Chris Venter, who has also been working closely with Prinsloo, as well as Buthelezi, to gain support for Vryheid Business Chamber from local business owners and relevant stakeholders, encourages the business sector to get involved.

“We can’t fight alone…” he concluded.

Contact Leon Prinsloo on 083 700 7847 or [email protected] for more information.

Lt Col Allan Westermeyer was in attendance and requested assistance from the chamber regarding future upgrading of the police station.

Elaine Rodway

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