Will Vryheid High’s former cleaner be sworn in as mayor of AbaQulusi today?

Cllr Maphisa was already posing in the mayoral gown after last week's attempt to swear him in as mayor had failed.

The national structure of the IFP has chosen Cllr Mncedisi (Cyril) Maphisa, who resigned from his position as cleaner at Vryheid High last year to pursue a political career, as its mayoral candidate.

Local IFP members and supporters demonstrated, at a previous council meeting, that they are against this decision.

CHECK OUT THE CHAOS AT THE PREVIOUS COUNCIL MEETING HERE: WATCH: AbaQulusi’s councillors flee chambers screaming, vomiting and terrified

The DA (DA and IFP have a working agreement in AbaQulusi) may abstain from voting with the IFP councillors to have Cllr Maphisa as mayor due to his lack of political experience.

Could this mean that AbaQulusi may be swearing in an ANC mayor at today’s meeting?

All we know for certain is that we can expect mass protest action outside the municipality and a heavy police presence to ensure councillors’ safety this time.

We will keep you posted as the drama unfolds.

Here is an extract taken from this week’s edition of the Vryheid Herald newspaper regarding Cllr Maphisa’s background:

CLLR Mncedisi Maphisa (IFP PR councillor) may have one of the most impressive CV’s Vryheid has ever seen. Some may say his story from rags to riches is almost inconceivable. As far-fetched as it may seem, we assure you that this is no fairy-tale. It is the cold, hard truth of the political reality we must accept.
After school, Cllr Maphisa was employed as a farm hand at Landbou High School. Within the short time he was employed there, he was also tasked with transporting pupils and staff to events in the school bus. However, he left Landbou under dubious circumstances and later took on a position as a cleaner at Vryheid High School.
Last year, he had absconded from work several times before resigning from Vryheid High School to pursue a career in politics.
This week, he is to be sworn in as mayor of AbaQulusi, where he will automatically also serve as the chairperson of the council’s executive committee (Exco), and as head of the Finance Portfolio. Read the Vryheid Herald newspaper for the full story!

Since yesterday, social medial has been abuzz with debate about whether Cllr Maphisa is fit for the position or not. Here is what some our whatsapp correspondents had to say:

  • “I don’t think Cllr Maphisa has got the qualities of a Mayor. We don’t need him. He is not qualified for being Mayor of AbaQulusi!
  • “Shocking front page on today’s paper!”
  • “Vote of no confidence for Maphisa as Mayor of AbaQulusi. Big NO. We need someone with experience who knows what he is doing. Musani ukudlala ngathi sibhekile. Head of finance? hahaha… never.”
  • “Ek glo beslis nie Cllr Maphisa sal die ding kan doen nie. Van ‘n skoonmaker tot ‘n Burgermeester. Ag shame, het hulle regtig niemand beter om te kies nie. Ek belowe vandag dat ek nooit ooit weer in my lewe sal stem nie.”
  • “Selecting deployees is the responsibility of the political party, not the media.”

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Estella Naicker

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