Hats off to Vryheid Hospital

VRYHEID Herald reader, Celeste dos Santos, was so impressed with the Vryheid Hospital during a recent visit, she wished to share her experience to dispel any fears residents may have about cleanliness or service.

“Last July, my husband suffered a convulsion while driving and had to be rushed to the Vryheid Hospital for emergency treatment. Even though the doctor on call seemed passionate and dedicated, I was appalled by the condition of the hospital. There was a terrible odour and the place looked filthy.

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“When I had to take a family member to the hospital recently, I was amazed by the transformation. There must be new management at the hospital. The floor looked clean enough to eat off, the cleaners were regularly removing the waste from the bins, and the bad smell was gone. Furthermore, the staff were friendly, the doctors were passionate, and the security guards were pleasant and helpful.

“In an emergency, you are always taken to the closest hospital. I just want the community of Vryheid to know that if they are taken to Vryheid Hospital, I am confident that they are now in good hands. There has been a massive improvement and I can see that the staff is committed to saving lives regardless of race or creed. I take my hat off to the new management.”

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