A word from SSS Mhlungu on the role of men

SSS Mhlungu reminds men that they are here to protect women and children.

Local motivational speaker SSS Mhlungu writes:

Today I would like to remind men, including myself, that we are protectors of human life.

The requirements for being a protector are love. You cannot protect someone that you do not love or that you love less. You cannot protect something that you do not love.

Here I am not necessarily talking about romantic love only. We men need to show love mainly by protecting every breathing creature on earth.

Women and children are a priority to be protected by us good men.

We need to resist the temptation to abuse women and children. Women and children are vulnerable, they are tender, they are loveable and they are a source of life.

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Women and children are not faultless but on earth who is pure? I am sure we agree that we are all full of mistakes.

In fact, if we could make some comparison, my own assessment is that men have more mistakes than women and children. Here I am generalising but I hope you will agree with me.

No matter what, men have no right to abuse women and children.

Here I am thinking of physical, emotional, sexual, economical and social abuse.

Men have no right to assault, rape, starve, kill and intimidate women and children.

Without women and children there is no home, no society and no country.

These days we see the high rise of the reporting of abuse of women and children. This is highly embarrassing to the good men who take good care of women and children.

Let me end by saying that most men are very good and are loving and caring. The only thing is that bad things in our society attract more attention than good ones.

Men of today must stand up and confront other men who look down upon women and children because they dent the good name and reputation of men in general.

SSS Mhlungu

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