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Bridge6's Estiaan Fritze has a natural talent for music that is most evident when he is behind a drumset.

IN the words of Mickey Hart, “Life is about rhythm…”

“We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood. We are a rhythm machine, that’s what we are.”

Local musician, Estiaan Fritze, is living proof of this profound statement.

The super skilled drummer from local hard rock band, Bridge6 and bass guitarist for Black Whiskey, another popular local band, undoubtedly has an ear for music and an overwhelming natural talent that spills over in every boundlessly energetic performance.

Natural musical talent is a wonderful gift and studies have shown that approximately 50 percent of musical talent is hereditary, which stands to reason as Estiaan’s musical journey began with the guidance of his father, who was also a musician in his day.

The band’s professionalism and dedication to their music is evident in the precision with which they play, with older brother, George on guitar and vocals, sister, Xanell on bass guitar and Estiaan on drums. Jaco Engelbrecht makes up the remainder of Bridge6 on guitar and backing vocals.

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With all this talent and an unwavering passion for music, Estiaan recently decided to launch a ‘Rock School’ in Vryheid, where interested parties of all ages can fine tune their musical prowess or start from scratch, learning to play the drums, guitar or bass guitar.

Estiaan Fritze on the bass guitar for Black Whiskey.

Learning to play a musical instrument is beneficial to both body and mind and studies have shown that it helps reduce stress, improve focus, and improve cognitive ability. Further studies have shown that children who learn to play a musical instrument are more likely to excel in academics, achieving higher grades, scoring better on tests, having better attendance records and being more active in community affairs than other students.

Layne Redmond is quoted as saying, “Rhythm is a means of organising sound into specific energy formulas to harmonise the mind and body. Chanting, rhythmic breathing and drumming form an ancient technology for directly synchronising the mind/body complex, creating conditions for psychological and physical healing.”

Furthermore, over and above the psychological benefits of learning to play a musical instrument, comes the joy of being able to create music.

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