Pesky ‘fumigators’ prey on unsuspecting residents

One of the suspects was bound with a cable tie, but managed to flee the scene.

RESIDENTS are advised to be aware of a group of three or four men posing as fumigators who are taking advantage of unsuspecting victims in their homes.

Last week these men were active in President Street and High Street shortly after lunchtime.

At approximately 1pm on Thursday afternoon, a family in President Street were approached by these men who claimed to be “spraying for ants” and then demanded a sum of approximately R800 for their services.


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The resident informed them that he had not requested the services which they were claiming he owed them for. It was reported by eyewitnesses who were visiting the family at the time that the men proceeded to become aggressive with the man and his wife, threatening to phone the police and attempting to steal money from a cash box on the premises.

After hurling profanities at the family they left the scene and headed for High Street, where they entered a complex and tried the same stunt. Unfortunately for them, the home they chose to harrass was that of a Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch member who turned out to be more than well equipped to defend himself.

One of the men approached the apartment, calling to see if anyone was home. He was greeted by the resident who asked him how he had gained access to the premises which is protected by an electric gate requiring remote access.


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The alleged assailant spun the same tale of “spraying for ants” to him and then also became aggressive with the tenant, who was no easy pickings as it turned out and, in a matter of minutes, the would be perpetrator was apprehended and his hands bound with cable ties before he could carry out whatever his intentions may have been.

The resident then noticed the other men standing at the gate, who fled the scene when they saw what had played out. the bound suspect also managed to get away.

While it is not entirely clear what their motive was, if they were harbouring malicious intent or if they were, in fact, just heavily motivated salesmen of their alleged product, residents are warned to be on the lookout for any suspicious vehicles or people in their neighbourhoods. Do not allow these men into your homes.

Report suspicious activity to Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch on 087 808 3508.

Elaine Rodway

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