That’s not how you ‘ask for a lift’

Damages to the truck that was pelted with stones in a dismally failed attempt "at asking for a lift".

SEVERAL members of Vryheid Neighbourhood Watch and Link Up Security responded to what seemed to be an attempted hijacking on August 13 at approximately 6pm.

It was reported that four unidentified males had attempted to stop a passing truck at the entrance to Grootgewacht Dam, by throwing stones at the truck as it approached.

In this day and age, this behaviour would most likely bring about panic in the mind of the driver of the targeted vehicle, with hijackings being so prevalent. The driver of this truck however, managed to keep his wits about him and headed straight for the Vryheid SAP Station, thwarting the attempts of the suspicious stone throwing bandits who had brazenly attacked the vehicle.

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No suspects were detained in the incident, but a search of the area shortly after revealed that the culprits in this instance were four allegedly intoxicated men just looking for a lift from soccer practice.

It is strongly recommended that, when asking for a lift, given the current criminal landscape of South Africa, the throwing of stones at any vehicle should be avoided at all costs. This would seem like common knowledge to most, one would assume. Apparently not so much to others.

Elaine Rodway

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