Utter devastation as Scheepersnek fire ravages farm

FIRES ravaged through farms in the Scheepersnek and Louwsburg areas on Tuesday as the August winds plundered on violently.

Unconfirmed reports state that the Scheepersnek flame started off at Nellis Moll’s farm, spreading its devastation out to surrounding homesteads.

Working on Fire, Neighbourhood Watch and many other community members, including neighbouring farmers, set out to the area to assist but to no avail as the flames had already gone quite far and were still spreading due to the undying wind which was said to have reached 58km per hour.

Vryheid’s Fire danger index on the day was at 77 (code red). WOF’s ground crew and a chopper were sent out to attend to the incident.

There were no people or livestock being hurt in the fire at the time of print. It is currently unclear how many people living in the surrounding homesteads lost their homes.


Fire leaves desolate wasteland in its wake

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Sine Thwala

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Fire leaves desolate wasteland in its wake