Municipality forks out R760k for Mayoral Cup

Members of council also took to the field for a friendly game of soccer.

DESPITE having initially complained of having inherited a bankrupt municipality, council had no problem agreeing to spend close to R760 000 on this year’s mayoral cup.

The matter was brought forward at last week’s council meeting where the mayor, Cllr Jerry Sibiya, presented the request to council.

Dissatisfied with the large amount of money set to be forked out on this sports event, the ANC’s Cllr Lawrence Dube could not help commenting on the significant amount that would be spent on ‘just games’.

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“We hear what you are saying about the money that is required, but why does it have to be that much money?” asked Cllr Dube.

Members of council explained that the money being requested would fund the games to be held at Cecil Emmett as well as the District Mayoral Cup. They also brought it to the council’s attention that these were estimations and not final costs.

Expenses included lunch meals for members of council and the participants, energy drinks and water for the participants, video camera hiring, sound system hiring, playing equipment, entertainment (three artists), transport (5×65 seater buses for a return trip for participants and cluster members), transport to the District Mayoral Cup, playing equipment and attire for the District Mayoral Cup and promotional attire for those heading to the District Mayoral Cup.

AbaQulusi Resident’s Forum member, Doug Grewar, shared his comment on the matter saying that it was frivolous to spend such a large amount of money on sporting activities when there are issues such as the faulty pumps at hand.

“They need to focus on the essentials, games should come second. We are hoping that the new mayor will see this,” said Mr Grewar.

He went on to say that there were many other financial issues the municipality is facing that could greatly benefit from a cut of the R759 400 that has been put aside for the Mayoral Cup.

Whether the costs will have been cut down by the time the district games arrive remains to yet be determined.

Sine Thwala

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