Here’s a preview of what’s cooking in the #Bridge6 studio

Bridge6's George Fritze in studio. Photo from the Bridge6_band Instagram page.


DIE-HARD fans of local rock band, Bridge6, will surely have their hands on the band’s first EP Wicked Ways which was released in early 2015.

Featuring original works from the Vryheid based band, Wicked Ways gave us a taste of Bridge6’s authentic talent for something deeper and more profound than just brilliantly belted out covers of old classics.

Wicked Ways’ is the band’s first EP, mixed by Rudi Massyn and recorded at Stone Studios International, the result of Bridge6’s professionalism, hard work and relentless practice and dedication to their music.

Bridge6, from left: Jaco Engelbrecht; Estiaan Fritze; George Fritze and Xanell Fritze.

It’s been a little over two years since the release of Wicked Ways and the band members have been hard at work on new material, between finishing as second runners up in the Klipdrift Battle of the Bands 2014 in Joburg, local live gigs and their recent appearance at Vryheid Rugby Club with Cape Town based band, The Medicine Dolls, where fans got a small taste of what’s still to come from the cream of Vryheid’s hard rock crop.

Bridge6 and The Medicine Dolls: Jaco Engelbrecht (Bridge6), Greg Allan (The Medicine Dolls), George Fritze (Bridge6), Anro Femurs (The Medicine Dolls), Xanell Fritze (Bridge6), Bex Nicholas (The Medicine Dolls) and Estiaan Fritze (Bridge6).

Below is a sample of one of their upcoming tracks entitled Terrors…

Go on… give it a listen…

According to frontman of Bridge6, George Fritze, Terrors is still under construction, as it were. However, if this sample is anything to go by, patient fans will be in for a mind-blowing aural indulgence when the completed track is released.

Bridge6 on stage. Photo from the bridge6_band Instagram page.

Keep track of the band by following them on Instagram or check them out on Soundcloud.

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