‘Dispose of your rubbish properly and responsibly’ – ZDM Health Inspector, ME Dlamini

    The Health Inspector for Zululand District Municipality, Mr ME Dlamini, points out illegal dumping in the Mason Street Park.

    Issued by Zululand District Municipality

    “I have observed a worrying trend in Vryheid and surroundings,” writes Mr Mfaniseni Dlamini of the Zululand District Municipality Municipal Health Services.

    “People throw rubbish all over the place without worrying about the consequences. Hazardous items such as home based healthcare waste, tyres, bottles, plastic bags, oil, old electronics, damaged appliances and cans are dumped irresponsibly on public land, in dongas, along the street and virtually anywhere.

    “It is common knowledge that litter takes a very long time to degrade. When rains come, it is moved to our dams and other water courses, causing water pollution. Poisonous waste contaminates our soil and pollutes the air. Communicable diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, stomach pain and malaria spread easily due to favorable conditions.

    ZDM’s ME Dlamini paid a visit to the Paddadam to gain insight into this properly structured community project.

    “If you move around in Vryheid, including the townships such as Bhekuzulu, Lakeside, Kwabhanya and Emadoshini, you will see and witness an alarming rate of illegal dumping, despite the fact that in some of these areas there are prohibitive signs (NO DUMPING), bins and skips. Alleys and passages in town are also affected together with the stench of urine.

    “By right all litter belongs in a bin or a skip, not laying loose on the ground. Remember, it takes only a small piece of paper to create an unsightly situation of littering. This has a negative impact on the environment and human health and needs to be addressed immediately.

    ZDM Inspector, ME Dlamini met with Doug Grewar at the Paddadam last Friday to gain further insight into the project and the involvement of the community in this successful achievement.
    “I need these guys on my team,” he smiled, as he left the Paddadam later that morning, with a deeper understanding of Vryheid’s community spirit.

    “Litter also affects tourism, as less people will be keen to visit a dirty place for vacation. Domestic animals and wildlife are also affected because animals may get trapped or poisoned by the rubbish where they graze or in their habitat.

    “Old tyres become a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes, which can transmit malaria to humans.

    “At one point, Vryheid was declared one of the cleanest towns in KwaZulu-Natal and we need to work together to restore it to its former glory. This will take the entire community, business, prominent leaders, schools and churches to achieve.

    ZDM’s ME Dlamini chats with the Lakeside Park Primary children at the Paddadam last Friday about keeping their environment clean and tidy by not littering.

    “I would like to urge everyone in Vryheid to refrain from littering and be a responsible citizen and take charge of your litter.”

    “We are planning to start a project to deal specifically with this problem in order to assist the municipality in its effort to keep this town clean and rid people of this sloppy behaviour.”

    All interested persons are invited. For further details, feel free to contact Mr ME Dlamini on 034 980 7032.

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