Uncle offers R50 to nephew to keep rape a secret

R50 was the amount promised to a 13-year-old boy by his uncle, who barbarically stole his innocence, hurting him in a way that no child should ever be hurt… R50 to keep his mouth shut about what happened.

It was New Year’s eve and the young boy had fallen asleep in his uncle’s rondavel following the family celebrations in Paulpietersburg. He was woken abruptly when his uncle had begun raping him.

In many cases, fear and shame may have led the young victim to remain silent. However, unbearable pain drove the teen to summon all his courage and confide in his mother the morning after the horrific ordeal took place. His mother immediately reported the incident at the Paulpietersburg police station, where a case of rape was opened and the case was investigated by Detective Constable Cebelihle Masuku of Vryheid’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit.

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The fact that the incident was reported quickly meant that the uncle could be positively linked to the rape by DNA obtained from the child.

Last Tuesday, the uncle (27) was found guilty of rape at the Vryheid Regional Court and sentenced to life in prison.

Const. Masuku, who has three children of his own, said it felt great to send a child rapist to jail.

“I am glad that justice has taken its course. He abused a young, innocent child who trusted him as his uncle and caused unbelievable trauma. The child is still having nightmares about the incident and is seeing a psychologist for help. Children are vulnerable and unable to take care of themselves. It is our responsibility, as adults, to protect them and take care of them, not take advantage of them,” he said.

Const. Masuku encourages all parents to be observant of behaviour changes in their children and to investigate immediately if they suspect that something may be wrong.

Estella Naicker

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