Plaasbasaar, fees, lekkerte

DIT was weer Saterdag Vryheid Moedergemeente se Plaasbasaar by die Water Wheel. En met al die lekker kuier, saam wees en saam lag, saam eet en speel weet ons net dat dit ‘n voorreg is om deel te wees van Vryheid se gemeenskap!

Elvis was in the building – ‘Taking care of the legends’

Did you attend the Elvis Presley Evening at Ingudlane Lodge on Friday night? Did it leave you feeling ‘All shook up’? Perhaps it’s time for a ‘Little less conversation’ and a little more looking through the gallery below to see if you were caught on the Vryheid Herald camera…

Family fun at the Paddadam Market Day

Despite the somewhat windy conditions at the Paddadam, locals and visitors were undeterred and a great day was spent in the sunshine among family and friends.

A flashy farewell for VHS Matrics of 2017

Vryheid High School’s Matric Class of 2017 gathered for a glamorous evening last Friday night as they celebrated their Matric Farewell.