Too much boozing can lead to ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’ these holidays

An association between the ingestion of acute alcohol and onset of cardiac arrhythmias has been well documented over the past few decades and was first reported in the 70s when Dr Philip Ettinger noticed an increase in cardiac rhythm disturbances in patients following heavy drinking over the holidays.

Survival tips for holiday road trips

Road trips are supposed to be fun, safe and mentally refreshing. Implementing simple road trip tips will go a long way in having a memorable road trip.

Keep your kids healthy during the holiday season

Choose healthy snacks. While you may not be able to control the goodies your child eats at grandma’s house or during the school field trip, you can control what they eat at home or while on the go with you. Pick up some portable apple sauces and fruit cups and keep them on hand at home and on the go.

MooPoo sorg vir baie pret!

Die jaarlikse MooPoo-dag was weer ‘n groot sukses en die leerlinge het hulle gate uit geniet. Behalwe vir die tradisionele waterbane en “rockets”, was daar ook nuwe aktiwiteite waarmee die leerlinge hulself kon besig hou.

DIY Christmas packaging with recycled Pringles cans

We all eat with our eyes first and receiving a beautifully wrapped gift of food only makes the recipient that much more excited to dig right in. Here’s the secret—your packaging does not have to be flashy or expensive. Try this easy method to make your own tower of treats using an empty can of Pringles.

Club 60 closes off 2017

MEMBERS of Klub 60 sang some Christmas Carols and enjoyed a lovely braai as part of their final meeting for 2017.

Siya Nxumalo releases his second album

For Siya, there was no better way to thank the Lord for having saved his life and not let him succumb to the illness, than to worship Him.