Plaasbasaar, fees, lekkerte

DIT was weer Saterdag Vryheid Moedergemeente se Plaasbasaar by die Water Wheel. En met al die lekker kuier, saam wees en saam lag, saam eet en speel weet ons net dat dit ‘n voorreg is om deel te wees van Vryheid se gemeenskap!

Moths commemorate El Alamein

A SMALL detachment of Moth members from Vryheid’s Freedom Shellhole paraded at the cenotaph at St Peter’s Anglican Church in High Street on Sunday afternoon. They were commemorating the Second Battle of El Alamein that took place 75 years ago in the western desert of Egypt, and is regarded as a turning point in World War II.

Women empowering women

A women empowerment event tackled various issues such as challenges faced by women in the business world, rape, toxic marriages/ relationships, single parenthood and many more.

Miss AbaQulusi 2017 is the complete package

“I decided to conquer my doubts and fears by taking part in beauty pageants. When I started winning, I realised that I could have something going in the modelling industry,”

Angels reach out at Vryheid Hospital

HiS Caring Angels handed out 41 parcels to mothers at the Pre-natal, baby, and post-natal wards at Vryheid Hospital.

Locals look lit for the festival of lights

Last Thursday saw the celebration of Diwali take place, with the Hindu population honouring the age old tradition across the country. Vryheid was no exception.