Science 101: Is rainwater safe for domestic use?

From clouds to the ground and back to the clouds, the rainwater goes. This makes its journey interactive with a lot of pollutants which may pose a variety of health risks.

Science 101: Boreholes, more good water for drinking

In this article we will focus on the quality of groundwater. The question we want to answer is if groundwater is bad for our health?

Concerns over electricity price

“We are finding it harder to cope, because we are spending more money on electricity than ever before.”

Book Review: Slash – What went on under that top hat

Slash is an autobiography that delves deeply into the excesses and inner workings of arguably one of the most iconic guitarists of our time, Saul Hudson, aka Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Huldeblyk: Rus in vrede, ‘Ouma’ Joyce Venter

“Ek dink op die oggend van 12 Julie 2017 is daar pannekoek geëet in die hemel en het Oupa Jan en Ouma Joyce heel voor gedans op die boeremusiek wat gespeel het.”

Hats off to Vryheid Hospital

Celeste dos Santos was so impressed with the Vryheid Hospital during a recent visit, she wished to share her experience to dispel any fears residents may have about cleanliness or service.