Science 101: Boreholes, more good water for drinking

In this article we will focus on the quality of groundwater. The question we want to answer is if groundwater is bad for our health?

Snakes on a holiday

Some of our most used holiday and recreation sites are also home to many species of snakes that are active at various times of the day and night, and vigilance is essential to co-habiting with our slithery brethren.

High levels of stress linked to rising incidence of heartburn

A NATIONAL poll among pharmacists has revealed a steep rise in the number of South Africans complaining of heartburn and acid reflux of late. According to studies, the prevalence of heartburn and symptoms associated with acid reflux has risen dramatically over the last decade. Currently more than 1.5 million South Africans suffer from this uncomfortable condition…

The end of ambition

I’M NOT SURE, but I think I have given up any ambitions I ever had to be a celebrity. My dictionary defines a celebrity simply as “a famous person”, but I think in modern parlance a celebrity is more likely to be an over-paid, philandering footballer with a drug habit, than this year’s winner of…