Farewell to Harry Heyns

A servant of Vryheid for a period of 28 years, yet at the end of his service, the Vryheid Council did not have the decency to even thank Harry Heyns for his dedication, let alone make some sort of gesture of gratitude.

Child Welfare says: ‘Thank you Vryheid’

It is with such a sense of deep gratitude and thankfulness that Child Welfare was able to assist an overwhelming number of children and family’s during the past year.

Hospice says thanks and Merry Christmas

VRYHEID Hospice would like to say thank you to all the people of Vryheid who have donated items to us through the year, it is always very welcome and greatly appreciated.

Smitten by snakes: Reptiles as pets

“Mommy, I want a pet snake!”… I’m sure those words, or even the thought of them has crossed many a mother’s mind, while visiting a reptile park, pet shop or after a show about reptiles on the television.