Race card trumps logic

“The scrapping of this sensible common sense water distribution plan initiated by Alta is due to the results of persons instigating racial division to the gullible residents of Vryheid, for political gain.”

‘Constant noise’ means no rest for patient

The patient said he couldn’t rest or sleep because the staff speak at the top of their voices, sit around a table in the ward chatting and it just never is quiet around him.

Mayor accuses newspaper of sensationalism

“I am taking this opportunity as a person maligned by your newspaper with all sorts of direct scathing attacks on my persona in an effort to humiliate me or cover me with a dark cloud thereby creating hype that I am a bad person.”

Farewell to Harry Heyns

A servant of Vryheid for a period of 28 years, yet at the end of his service, the Vryheid Council did not have the decency to even thank Harry Heyns for his dedication, let alone make some sort of gesture of gratitude.

Child Welfare says: ‘Thank you Vryheid’

It is with such a sense of deep gratitude and thankfulness that Child Welfare was able to assist an overwhelming number of children and family’s during the past year.

Snakes on a holiday

Some of our most used holiday and recreation sites are also home to many species of snakes that are active at various times of the day and night, and vigilance is essential to co-habiting with our slithery brethren.