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Tips for choosing and working with a builder

Don’t approach a builder too soon. It may seem logical if you’re thinking of having construction work done to start by approaching a builder, but don’t be too hasty. Consider the scope of the project. Find the right kind of building company for your project.
Rather than using one general contractor, it may seem wise to try to save money by directly engaging separate tradespeople, such as plasterers, electricians and carpenters. Let the builder manage the project. Views about what project management actually involves can vary, but in my opinion, the most important manager of a project is the main building contractor.
Be specific. I’ve mentioned it already, but I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to be specific.
Understand the importance of a building contract. A building contract is simply an agreement between a builder, who agrees to undertake a specific set of works, and a client, who agrees to pay a set amount of money.

Decor tips from home staging experts

Make your bed a sanctuary. “Making your bed can be a chore, whether dwelling or selling. The key to making it feel luxurious and hotel-like is simple when using crisp white linens and plump bedding and pillows.
Mirrors make a difference. “Brighten and amplify the light in a room with mirrors on walls opposing light sources. Don’t forget the lights.
Layer and mix textures to create visual interest. For instance, add textured pillows and a fur throw to create an inviting sofa.
Drapes can create an illusion of height. Create the illusion of higher ceilings with simple floor-ceiling drapes. Plain, white sheers can go a long way on a budget, but make sure they’re hung properly. Drapes should start all the way at the ceiling and just kiss the floor. Don’t overlook bathrooms.
De-clutter and de-stress. Too many items on coffee tables, pillows on chairs and art pieces on walls make a space feel cramped. Stick to a few statement pieces and oversize art to give your room a clean, modern look.

How to maximise the longevity of your hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is one of the oldest and most durable floor covering materials available. Many older buildings still have wood floors originally installed 100 years ago.
The longevity of hardwood flooring will be determined by many different factors. Poorly installed or lower quality wood floors might need to be replaced or refinished in a few short years.
Some woods have a denser structure and are much harder than others.
Some important factors to consider when selecting your hardwood flooring include: • Board width  • Wood species  • Colour  • Texture  • Hardness & Finish. Every type of finish and wood itself will be covered by manufacturer warranty for a certain period of time.

How to deal with electrical shocks from appliances

1. The first thing to do is to switch off the electricity at the mains (everybody in the house should know where the main switchboard is).
2. Hands must then be covered with dry rubber gloves or several layers of dry newspaper. There is a high risk that the person helping the victim could also get shocked if they touch the victim’s body before the plug has been switched off.
3. If possible, switch off the electricity at the wall plug where the appliance causing the shock is plugged in, and unplug it.


4. If the victim is in contact with the appliance causing the shock, they must be removed as quickly as possible.
5. Pull the victim into the clear by getting hold of their dry loose clothing. You can also push the victim away by using a broomstick or a chair. Ensure that the broomstick is dry and that you are not touching any metal parts.
6. Get someone to call a doctor or ambulance service immediately. If this is not possible, start giving first aid as follows: • Treat any injuries that may have been caused by the victim falling.
7. Get any electrical accident victim to a hospital or doctor as soon as possible, even if they say they are OK.

Useful Plumbing Tips for Beginners

– Don’t be afraid to replace parts inside your toilet or faucet
– Remove clogs without chemicals
– Check your showerhead for issues
– Forget thread, sealing compounds, use thread tape
– Use heat to loosen tough water pipe fittings
– Make your water heater more efficient

How to make your move as painless as you possibly can

Moving house or offices are a stressful endeavour. The packing and carrying is physical, hard work and keeping track in which box exactly each of your items are temporarily stored can be harrowing. Take the stress out of it by being a little prepared.
• Get organised early  • Figure out your move strategy
• Pick the right transportation  • Seize the opportunity to purge
• Reuse boxes  • Take inventory  • Label everything
• Prepare a moving day kit  • Protect your valuables

For all your tool hire requirements

Ranging from DIY enthusiasts to construction companies and plumbers, handymen and maintenance companies, there is a huge demand for affordable and quality tool hire services.
Many DIY enthusiasts are at a loss as to how to finish a project they have been working for a long time on, because they do not have access to the right tools for the job. For many people, simply going out and buying an expensive tool that they will not need in a few weeks’ time, is just not an option.

Six surprising, simple swimming pool maintenance tricks

Buy some baking soda stores that sell pool cleaner will usually offer something called an “Alkalinity Increaser”, which is a simple option for maintaining the pH levels in a pool.
Purchasing some inexpensive baking soda from the store accomplishes the same goal yet goes for much less money. An Internet search will tell you how much baking soda you will need for a pool your size.

Toss in a tennis ball – Suntan lotion and sun block often end up in the pool after they’re applied to a swimmer, and these substances can make the pool dirty quite quickly.
Throwing a standard tennis ball into the pool to float for a while will suck up all those extra oils and chemicals that don’t belong. It’s fine to leave the tennis ball floating in the pool at all times.
Toe the tile line – Residue, dirt, and contaminants form over time and stick along the waterline and tile area.
Cleaning this area on a weekly basis should reduce the rate at which the pool gets cloudy and dirty since the residue on the tile doesn’t get washed into the pool. Weekly cleaning of this area also reduces calcium buildup.

The Definitive Glass Installation Solution

PG Glass is a company that delivers world-class glass installation solutions, delivered by professional glass technicians. We focus on the repair, replacement and installation of auto glass as well as the replacement and installation of residential and commercial building glass.
PG Glass is a division of the PG Group, a company that has manufactured glass solutions in South Africa for well over 120 years. Find a fitment centre for first class glass installation solutions.
What Makes PG Glass the Best Glass Technicians?
We Care about Safety– PG Glass will not compromise on the quality of the glass that we install or on the standard of our glass installation services. We fit only genuine South African Shatterprufe® windscreen glass and Armourplate® side, back or rear-view glass. In addition, we install only authentic high-performance SmartGlass® Solutions, which comply with National Building Regulations and SABS requirements.
We’re Convenient – We have over 115 auto and building glass fitment centres, all of which are conveniently situated around the country to ensure that we’re available anytime that you may require our professional glass installation services.
We Come To You – We know that it is a hassle to get your vehicle to us for glass repair or replacement. Therefore, we save you valuable time and money by sending one of our 200 mobile glass installation units, with expert technicians on board to fix your glass at any location or time you choose.
Our Work Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee – All PG Glass technicians are trained to achieve the highest levels of installation competence and quality control standards. Thus, PG Glass confidently issues a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.
We Only Install Products that We Trust – PG Glass installs automotive glass products that meet each vehicle manufacturer’s original specifications, as well as building glass products that comply with the quality, safety and security requirements of the SABS and current National Building Regulations. We only stock world-class brands that include Shatterprufe®, Glass Medic® Chip Repair, Armourplate®, LLumar®, SmartGlass® and PG Primador®.


One Energy specialises in helping residential, commercial and industrial clients to get off the grid step-by-step using our renewable energy solutions and expertise.
Established in 2011, the One Energy Group is the largest and most successful renewable energy franchise network in South Africa, and today stands as an icon of service excellence and perfect installations in the industry.
We have a network of over 25 branches nationally, and we pride ourselves on the fact that every client across residential and commercial portfolios is a contactable reference.
We constantly evolve our product solutions in line with new technologies, providing one of the most comprehensive renewable energy offerings for the residential and commercial sectors.
Our suite of renewable energy solutions is procured only through premium, tier 1 suppliers who have the financial backing and proven reputation of standing by all product guarantees and warranties.
Our driving business philosophy is summed up in two words – “Perfect Installations”. With over 10 000+ successful installations completed, we are extremely proud of our proven track record and unquestionably one of the highest service levels and business ethics in the industry.

Our renewable energy solutions and services include:
Photovoltaic (PV) systems (for sun to electricity generation), Water heating solutions, Solar water heating / solar geysers, Heat pumps, Bulk water heating, Low energy lighting solutions (Commercial and Domestic), Energy consultancy services and auditing.
Installations and project management across residential and commercial projects.
Green Finance


Physical security barriers on doors and windows are an effective way of helping to keep people safe at home and work. But you need to be absolutely sure that the security gates and burglar guards you purchase can be relied upon to do their job. Trellidor has manufactured high quality security solutions since 1976 and is a market leader in product innovation and engineering. Our custom-made security barriers are only available through authorised Trellidor franchises to ensure that you get expert advice and excellent customer service.
Trellidor franchises strive to ensure that you get excellent personalised service. Your local franchise offers expert advice on your product options and installation by trained Trellidor technicians. Our products are all custom-measured and manufactured to make sure they fit the aperture properly, adding to the barrier’s strength integrity.
Because we want to create as secure an environment for you as we can, we’ve developed our own locks for the products in our ranges that are lockable and have a Trellidor branded range of motors and components for our automated shutters. These locking systems have all been engineered to our specifications with customer safety in mind.
We offer warranties on all our security products, testimony to the confidence we have in the manufacturing and workmanship of our products. Our state-of-the-art powder coating method includes a pre-treatment process that significantly enhances our products’ corrosion resistant properties, and many of our moving components are glass-filled nylon rather than steel, so there is little danger of rust.
In the absence of any credible testing and approvals body in South Africa, it is reassuring for customers worldwide to know that Trellicor (Pty) Ltd has international certification confirming that our manufacturing standards and workmanship conform to high global quality levels.
Since 1998 our products and Quality Management System (QMS) have been certified by an independent third party, the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), based in the UK. The LPCB alls under the umbrella of BRE Global, an approvals organisation that offers certification of products, services and systems to an international market.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with these paving ideas

From brick and cobblestone paving to flagstones and paving slabs, outdoor tiles, pebbles and stones, and of course, the best paving manufacturers the South African market has to offer.
Cobblestone Paving: Add a Tuscan decorative effect to your paved areas with cobblestone paving to long-lasting walkways, driveways and other paving applications.
Paving: Pave your way with paving, which adds a touch of style to your garden and driveway as well as sturdiness and longevity as a paving solution. Paving Manufacturers: Home Ideas has a wide variety of paving manufacturers who can help you turn any outdoor space into a wonderland with a variety of paving options that will leave you spoiled for choice. Pebbles & Stone: Coloured pebbles and stones can make even the dullest corner of your garden pretty – choose from a variety of designs, colours textures and different applications for pebbles and stone.

Handy home security tips

1. Seek qualified advice from a security consultant who will carry out a risk assessment and recommend an alarm system specifically suited to your property.
2. Make sure that your chosen security provider is a registered member of the South African Intruder Detection Service Associations (SAIDSA) as this is a guarantee that any work carried out by them and equipment installed meets the appropriate industry standards.
3. Test your alarm at least once a month and request the services of a technician immediately if your alarm is faulty. It is important to remember to inform your security provider that you are putting your system into the “Test” mode.
4. Where possible, install exterior lighting that can be controlled remotely from inside the house. It is also worth considering demand lighting which is activated by a motion detector.
5. Try to reduce foliage and bushes in the vicinity of your driveway as these act as good hiding places for would-be criminals.

Looking for a new business phone system?

If you’re looking for a new business phone system in 2018, there are several questions you need to answer first.
Do you need a full phone system that includes physical desk telephones, or could your business get by with a virtual phone service that relies on mobile devices?
If you do need desk telephones, what kind of service do you want? You need to choose between a traditional landline telephone service, which is provided by a local or regional phone company, and a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which runs over the internet and is offered by a multitude of providers.
Traditional landline systems
Landlines in this instance are traditional phone systems, typically supported by a local or regional phone company.
Landlines, also known as public switched telephone networks (PSTNs), are analog systems that run via the telephone company’s traditional copper wiring.


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